Okay, I'm already getting comments about the fact that I haven't uploaded anything to NG in years on my deviantArt account.
So, since I'm gonna upload that abstract Sonic clip to NG, thought I might as well make a newspost to explain the current situation.

Q: Why don't you upload stuff to NG anymore?
A: Because most of the stuff I do does either

a) Not fit on Newgrounds
I guess the new art portal is probably more ment for visually appealing art, not comics or funny photos.

b) Not suit Newgrounds' audience
What point is there uploading a flash or comic short made for someone's birthday, or centered entirely around a fancharacter, or something that no one around here even knows?

c) Does not fit into the Newgrounds filesizelimit.
Gee, the irony. There I *do* have stuff that I think would work out on NG, but then it's way too large. ^^;;

As in, three times the size ... multiplied by two.
Such as happend with "Zelda The Twilight Zone [HACKED]":
An "Action Replay" movie in the same fashion as Super explosive Mario64, but much longer and more elaborate.

Also, there's this other flash project I spend about 8.5 months on -
Sonic Billiard Adventure, a ~30 minute two-parter flash. :P
Buuut of course part 1 is 13 MB, and part 2 is 18 MB in size.

Either way, I plan on rearranging the movie for Newgrounds anyway, and while I'm on it, add a couple extra scenes. It just... probably will still take a while since I'm occupied with several other things already. ^^;;;

So... the general advise I can give you if you strife for more of my stuff, these links will help you:
My Youtube account
My deviantArt account

Sonic Billiard Adventure, Zelda The Twilight Princess Hacked, and more

A random Tribute to Roger van der Weide / Super explosive Mario 64

2007-08-01 12:30:18 by UltramasterBDJ

Okay, comments for the explosive Mario also come in here.

Super explosive Mario 64:



Here it goes: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

...waiting while movie is in judgement...

...wtf? I submitted the movie 6 minutes ago, and it's 16 minutes long! How can it have 26 votes?!

So! After over 2 days of horrible trial-and-error-compression to fit the 13,4 MB 16 minute 8 months production time 1 year secretly in the works first and a halfth flashmovie into the 10 MB filesizelimit of Newgrounds, it finally ...fits into the 10 MB filesize limit on Newgrounds.

Heh. In the end I even got this erromessage.

It's awesome the filesizelimit was increased to 10 MB in the first place, though.
I didn't want to cut anything out, and cutting the movie in half... I dunno if that would've worked out.

Deviant Art version is here:
http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/57 067392/

Uhh... dunno what else I have to say...

well just read the trivia pages in the bonus section of the flash...

well, uhm, and...


A random Tribute to Roger van der Weide / Super explosive Mario 64