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Sonic Billiard Adventure, Zelda The Twilight Princess Hacked, and more

2009-09-29 09:41:52 by UltramasterBDJ

Okay, I'm already getting comments about the fact that I haven't uploaded anything to NG in years on my deviantArt account.
So, since I'm gonna upload that abstract Sonic clip to NG, thought I might as well make a newspost to explain the current situation.

Q: Why don't you upload stuff to NG anymore?
A: Because most of the stuff I do does either

a) Not fit on Newgrounds
I guess the new art portal is probably more ment for visually appealing art, not comics or funny photos.

b) Not suit Newgrounds' audience
What point is there uploading a flash or comic short made for someone's birthday, or centered entirely around a fancharacter, or something that no one around here even knows?

c) Does not fit into the Newgrounds filesizelimit.
Gee, the irony. There I *do* have stuff that I think would work out on NG, but then it's way too large. ^^;;

As in, three times the size ... multiplied by two.
Such as happend with "Zelda The Twilight Zone [HACKED]":
An "Action Replay" movie in the same fashion as Super explosive Mario64, but much longer and more elaborate.

Also, there's this other flash project I spend about 8.5 months on -
Sonic Billiard Adventure, a ~30 minute two-parter flash. :P
Buuut of course part 1 is 13 MB, and part 2 is 18 MB in size.

Either way, I plan on rearranging the movie for Newgrounds anyway, and while I'm on it, add a couple extra scenes. It just... probably will still take a while since I'm occupied with several other things already. ^^;;;

So... the general advise I can give you if you strife for more of my stuff, these links will help you:
My Youtube account
My deviantArt account

Sonic Billiard Adventure, Zelda The Twilight Princess Hacked, and more


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2009-10-16 06:57:02

oho wwwooow you can good draw!!!

UltramasterBDJ responds:

I wouldn't say that. ^^;


2009-10-18 23:40:38

You could always ask tom to extend the filesize limit.

UltramasterBDJ responds:

Yeah I guess so, but it would be kind of awkwardish, begging the head admin of the site for more space while I'm not even that popular around here.
Maybe for the NG release of the revised version of Sonic Billiard/Bowling/Space, but I hope that will turn out to be unnecessary.